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Hope in 2014

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When I was an undergrad one of my instructors gave me a grade based on his own mistake and I paid for it with a lower grade. Fearing I would be penalized even more if I appealed it, I sought advice from a college mentor. She said,

“Do you want to be right or do you want the A?”


At first I was confused. I thought that appealing the erroneous grade would mean I would be given a higher grade, as the instructor was obviously wrong and I was right. The mentor explained to me that sometimes one must let things go, allow those in power over us to win so that next time it happens, if it happens, it won’t involve the ego and we will prevail.


Okay, I thought, my pride does get in the way. I’m a Pisces and born in the year of the dragon, let it be said I can be single minded when I feel wronged. I am also the sensitive sort, too, so for that specific incident, I let it go. In the end, it prepared me for another similar incident and I did advocate for myself and all worked out to my benefit.


Where am I going with this? Well, in the spirit of being patient and observing the ides of GDUI, the organization of which I feel deeply tied, I think my patience is paying off.


I hope I’m on the right track and following the right leads, including my gut. I’ve held back, not because I have given up on GDUI but I’ve fallen back to a more defensive position and getting my house in order for the next few months. In these months a small group of folks will give it one last chance and do our best to support and elect individuals who will hopefully mend the distress in this organization. If we fail, then we have done all we can and depart with the knowledge that we’ve our best, done what we can live with, for better or worse.

I would hope that if we do manage to win the upcoming elections that we can continue where we left off and get back to being both an advocacy and service organization with quality and class.

I guess this is my New Year wishl.





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