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Dogs in Space

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Anthropomorphic Space Story

By Ann Chiappetta

The Quick Brown Fox jumped over the Lazy Dog, engaging the warp drive and entering hyperspace.
Blood and bones,” snarled the Lazy Dog’s commander Akita, “Ensign Fido, track that ship,”
“Arf, Captain,” she barked, toenails tapping and wagging her tail.

“Captain, the Fox ship is headed for the Feline Space cluster,” reported Ensign Fido.
The Captain licked his canines
“All paws on deck, “Captain Akita howled.
He turned to his second in command, Lieutenant Rottweiler,
“this could be a trick, be ready for anything,” he growled, shaking his head in annoyance.
“Arf, Captain,” he barked, “Red alert!” he snarled, tapping the communication array.

To be continued …
Thanks to Abbie Taylor Abbie the Behind Our Eyes writers group for proposing this writing challenge.

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