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Another Gig Bites the Dust

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Another Gig Bites the Dust


Well, blog readers, I am writing to report some bad news. The online magazine, The Matilda Ziegler, has stopped publication and may not resume. Myself and about ten other folks have lost this vital income source and we are all shocked and dismayed by it. You see, the MZM, as we like to call it, was an endowment set up in 1908, I think. Since then, it provided Braille and later, cassette recordings free to the blind and vision impaired all over the world. In the late 1990s it underwent  fiscal changes and eventually the office was closed and  2010 it went to a desktop publishing schedule. The endowment is now almost gone and I think it’s because the board of directors took it all and left nothing for perpetuity. You know what burns my ass the most? That the writers haven’t heard a word from this mysterious board of directors and I call them out right here, that they are cowards for making our editor do their dirty work and not handling it themselves. An ethical board would make the effort and I hope they are ashamed of themselves for their actions.


We were all blind writers with only a few exceptions and  we were a community.  This is a huge loss for many folks.


Next, my mother-in-law died, one year to the day of my father’s death, January 16. What’s next? It always goes in threes, right? It makes me kind of squirrlly, waiting for the other shoe to drop.   Here’s to 2014, may it improve in time.


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