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I’m now a featured contributor for the Matilda Ziegler Weekly Online Magazine. It was something I wasn’t expecting and it was interesting the way it happened. I took a chance and queried the editor. He offered to read and post my article. I thought, great, a byline, then I asked if he was looking for paying pieces. He replied that, yes, he was looking for feature articles, and offered me a set sum for each submission. this is the turning point.

Now that I’m receiving freelance fees for my writing, I can branch out. Create my own website and promote my work with more confidence. this is exciting because only a few years ago I was upset about finally obttaining a master’s degree and not being able to find a job. It took a year to find a job and it wasn’t even in the field I was trained in. I had to come to the disappointing conclusion of putting off my lisence to pay the bills. I still haven’t found the right jjob yet, and it’s two years later. I’m still making crap and looking for a full time job that has a salary high enough to enable me to get off SSDI benefits.

In the meantime, I’m pursuing my writing. so far, my writing prospects look better than landing a position as a family therapist. thanks to the Ziegler Magazine, I know things will get better.

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