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Try Again

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I’ll try this again since I’ve been having trouble navigating this site. Not sure where the summer went but I know it has something to do with the weather being so cold and rainy. I think the worst part is the tomato blight; I love fresh tomatoes and it’s just not the dog days of summer without them.

Canada was great and I want to go back so I can visit the wine country and maybe even get to Toronto. I found the folks very nice and great about Verona and not one public place gave me trouble.

I’m working on an essay about our trip and will post it soon.
In two weeks we’re going back to the Rennasance Fair, the first time this season Ro did great and it was a nice day. I hope the weather is nice this time, too. I finally broke down a bought a parasol and it really helps whenever I stop to watch the performances. Ro scoots under the bench to stay out of the sun and sleeps while we’re watching. The only bad thing is she snarks food off the ground so next time I’ll have to put on her head halter to prevent it. I’m sure she will get the idea after an hour and I’ll be able to remove it. She’s great that way — a few corrections and she’s good.

Be well until next time.

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