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March 2014

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March 2014 Update

Hi all constant readers, it’s time for an Annie bird update. Yes, that is my known nick name, given to me by a person I don’t even keep in contact with anymore. She coined the appellation and, gosh, it stuck. Julie, wherever you are, I want to thank you and pinch you, too.


There is much to write about, where shall I begin? Well, first, my mother-in-law, Carol Chiappetta, died of a fatal lung fungal infection on January 16. It was such a shock; we’re just getting back to normal now. It’s been so hard to watch my husband and kids mourn her death. To be even more difficult, she died one year to the date of my dad’s death, too. Talk about odd. I think they are all happily playing bridge and sipping cocktails up there in the realm of spirits.  Rest in peace, Daddy and Nonna.


All this death and dying gets me thinking about my own path and mortality. Scary stuff. I just hope I can continue living a life where I can achieve my goals and be thankful for each and every sunrise and sunset. Everything else I have no control over and just have to accept that. Now I think I understand the term that ignorance is bliss, because the knowing can be really rough on the psyche.


The novel Dr. Sleep by Stephen King also has stirred the appreciation of understanding the meaning of life and death. It has a sincerity to it, a clarity of thought and finality that only the maturity and suffering can bring out in a writer. I’d recommend reading it if you are a King fan. You won’t be disappointed.


April and I found some of my old poems and she began reading them to me. As she read them, I thought, damn, these are really good, how did I do that? I’m not sure what the phenomenon is called, but, man oh man, I was impressed. The other part of this is that I don’t remember writing some of them.  I’m not sure whether to just take that in stride or be worried. Lol.


I’m still fighting the good fight with taxi cab access, will be taking my exam again at the end of the year, and love the job. I lost the writing gig for the Matilda Ziegler Magazine and have to start looking for other gigs to supplement the income.

Oh, yes, happy spring.





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