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A String of Stories on Audible

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Hi Audible book subscribers and story lovers — Check out this new release, A String of Stories From the Heart to the Future © by Ann Chiappetta.


Also available In e-book and print (182 pages) from Amazon and other online sellers.

About A String of Stories

A demon deer and a ghost cat. Sibling rivalry and sexual awakening. Self-image and self-confidence. The chance for an off-worlder to breathe free at last on a new planet.  Those are just some of the diverse themes of these notable stories. Once you step inside the author’s world, you cannot emerge unmoved.

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Cover photo of the book which shows a reindeer in a field.

Majestic male deer standing in forest


photo description of Ann's personal logo of green dragon floating amid books and musical notes.

Ann’s personal logo



Book Corner

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Hi all-

Thanks to Ernest Dempsey and  his blog, Recovering the Self , I have been posting book reviews. Two of my latest reviews and a wonderful collection of other reviews by Ernest and other authors are posted,  so go take a read. Here’s the latest from me about David Sedaris’s essay collection in audio book format


April Annie Shares News

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Annie Shares News April 2021 Issue 4

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Hello, spring greetings from Westchester County. Cherry blossoms are blooming. I grew up in Mamaroneck where Harbor Island Park is famous for it’s profundity of Japanese cherry blossom trees lining the east and west basins. If you ever drive past Mamaroneck on US 1 Boston Post Road at this time of year, you can’t miss them.


It’s also National Poetry Month and to celebrate it I am offering free audio copies of Upwelling: Poems to my readers.   Go to


I’ll be sending out one more post later on in the month to promote a radio interview, so stay tuned. 😉

The following poem is included in the book.


By Ann Chiappetta


Ribbon chafing



Will I be crushed

By the sky?


Breeze tugs

Pulses rub

Release me


Lighter than air

Captured in Mylar


Bound for Olympia

Pale blue elevation

Far below.

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