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Update from Anniebird

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Updates from Anniebird


My exam accommodation case is being reviewed by the attorney. I will hopefully receive good news about the attorney taking the case in a few weeks.


My student loan was reduced for the next two years because I pain on time for the last 48 months. So, I’m saving 40 bucks a month and will hopefully reduce it even more when they review  it in two years time. I’m such a good little citizen.


Dad is not doing well. For those of you who don’t really know me or my family, my dad has Emphazema and advanced Alzheimer’s disease. He’s been receiving  in-home hospice care for about four months now. He weighs 111 lbs. He used to weigh about 160 when he was younger. He just celebrated his 80th birthday and I am so grateful he made it to that milestone. I pray for him and hope he isn’t suffering more than the milder discomfrts of aging.


What else? Well, my experience serving on the board of directors for a National advocacy group has been challenging and continues to be so. Traversing the turbulent waters of this diverse and oftentimes polarizing group has helped me  realize that I do have good leadership skills, no matter how others might view me personally.

Some poems about this group:


And so, in closing this post, I hope  the late summer sun warms your collective buns, for soon it will be slanting toward winter.

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