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Ann Chiappetta

Train Trip

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Last week I boarded the train on a trip from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania to New Rochelle, New York. The ride, about eight hours in total, lacked the typical stressors of airplane travel.  I’ve always liked trains and after this longer trip, I discovered  the rails do something I never noticed before. They sing.


During  a handful of long stretches, the familiar clickety-clack we all associate with a moving train faded and a resonating hum emitted. I found it hypnotizing; since I am not a musician I don’t know if   the notes were in a major or minor key or which key. It  started with a low note and increased until the note  reached a soprano and  ended. The audible phenomenon lasted only a short distance and varied. Think of a  finger circling  the lip of a wine glass on a grander scale.


Rail Song

By Ann Chiappetta


Rails and wheels marry

Sharing the miles

Conversations carry

Conductor  sashays past

In the distance the horn blast

Rebounds reaches the last car.


Pastoral corridor  lulls

The song is heard

A message

It conveys

The paring of rail and wheel

The joy of invention.


Disembarking  upon arrival

from west to east .

The urge to thank  the thrumming metal beast

For performing it’s rail song

Twitches fingers


Stays with me.


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