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Time for Healing?

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Every now and then I read through my poetry folder on my computer. I admit it, I hoard my writing, squirreling away incomplete pieces or writing that isn’t suited for public viewing. Some of it is strictly of a venting and cathartic nature, some of it is truly not complete, and a few pieces are ready to be offered but held back because of other mitigating factors. Most of these rarities are written to figure out how to handle the situations provoking them. Perhaps a death, or a serious conflict wherein I am involved, or even a letter to a corporation or entity for whom I feel has been discriminatory to folks in some way are all in this folder.


Today I came across a poem I was going to send some of my family members over the 2012 holidays. I was compelled to write it because I felt completely at a loss as to how to offer the proverbial olive branch and try to get the people involved in talking over the conflict so we could once again share the holidays without any  unvoiced anger or resentments. Since I wasn’t the one most injured by the situation,  and I felt helpless to rectify it, I hesitated in sending the poem. After much soul searching and a re-reading of the poem, I am posting  it here on my blog because I have no confidence that my words will effect any change and be accepted as it is: n ardent prayer for some reconsilliation and rebuilding of trust. By posting this, the hope that these words will, in some way, help all of my readers to take on something that has become an unresolvable issue and like the dove  carrying the olive branch, let it go to soar and be free of the gravity limiting it’s flight.


I give it up to the Heavens and hope that I’ve done the right thing.





Dear Loved Ones,


This year my gift is a wish

I’d like this wish to come true.

I’d like this wish to be a gift from me to each of you.


what will it be when you open it?


For some of us this year it will be the kind of gift

Not easily gotten or given

for some it will be something received but not acknowledged.

For a few others

The gift will be rejected.


The gift is forgiveness.

Wrapped in acceptance

secured by a ribbon of hope

Shining with love.


This is the best I can do

For each of you

For better or worse we are family

Let’s share the gift and heal.


November 2012






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