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The Way of the Cat 😼

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The Way of the Cat

How to assemble an end table.

Person one places box on bed.

Person one must push cat off box to open it.

Person one calls person two, the husband, to begin assembling table consisting of a few wood pieces and a few metal upright pieces.

Cat begins chewing plastic bag, person one gathers bags and shoves them inside the shipping box.

Cat begins rubbing, purring and stepping on instructions.

Person two, the husband, tells cat to “Go away,”.

Cat ignores person two and rubs on person one, who is watching person two try to figure out the instructions seemingly written by an alien humanoid species not from this planet.

Cat continues rubbing and being adorable.

Person two, the husband, is becoming frustrated, time for person one to exit the room

Person one entices the cat into office whereupon person one fills kitty crunchies and calls for cat.

Cat appears and begins eating.

Person two, the husband is now fully committed to the table assembly.

Person one is shaking her head, petting the cat who is eating from the dish on the desk, mumbling to herself, saying “I am such a slave,”.

black long haaired kitten, Luna, relaxing on my laptop.

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