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Sweet Nikka Update

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A year after Katrina devastated New Orleans and the surrounding areas, Nikka came into our home. She is described in my book, FOLLOW YOUR DOG A STORY OF LOVE AND TRUST as the dog who healed our hearts and replenished our hope after losing two young dogs first from thyroid disease and then stomach cancer. She’s lived up to the promise of “living a long time,”, and, at 15 years old (possibly older), has taken our hearts with her beagleness and sassy attitude.

Today we were informed she has a growth in one lung, it is unclear how long she has and we are not going to prolong her suffering by poking and prodding and causing more pain. Jerry and I made the decision to keep her comfortable and pain-free and honor her long life with love, care, and upholding her dignity with the required pain meds and anti-inflammatory medicine until she can no longer do it. We don’t know how long it will be but we do know this is the right and humane course of treatment. I am posting the three dog pic and Nikka is the smallest dog but mighty in spirit, We will update folks as

OUr three dogs.

Bailey, Verona and Nikka


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