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Second Dog Update

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Second Dog Update


He’s large and silly

Goes to work with

A sniff and a bound

Guiding me around


He greets folks with a lick

So far no one’s gotten ticked

Off and grossed out.


Yes, folks, it’s been a month since Bailey and I were reunited after I left training with pneumonia. So far, we are working well together and he’s learning my routes and I’m learning his personality. He and Verona are getting along well and even Nikka has accepted him, evidenced by play-bowing with him a few weeks ago. We were stunned. Nikka must be getting mellow with age, as she hasn’t done that with any other dog besides Verona.


Titan the cat and Bailey have worked out their relationship, too. Bailey shows restraint and I am very proud of him.


The inconvenience of working a yellow lab is all on the outside; you guessed it, light colored hair. Being someone who wears black and dark colors, this is not fun. I am slowly changing my work wardrobe to khaki pants, light blue pants, pastels and other light colored clothing. I’m also on the lookout for a purse sized lint/hair remover. He is a heavy shedder and brushing him, adding fish oil to his diet and doing an hour brushing on weekends has helped but he’s still dropping hair as if he’s a golden retriever. Ugh.


I also got a memory photo book from his puppy raiser and first Mommy, Pat Bailey Weber. OMG, I wish I could see those pictures. My sister spent a while describing them and it brought tears to my eyes. He is loved and benefitted from such a great life and because of it; he is so good with me. I am forever grateful to Pat, and to Carol, who raised Verona.


We took our first overnight trip up to Albany. He was phenomenal on the platform, in the station, and around the hotel. He only like to relieve on pavement, and I am so glad, it’s so much easier when traveling. Just find the parking lot and get ‘er done.


Future plans include some long weekends upstate, the NY Renaissance fair, and a trip to the lake. I can’t wait to clip on the long line and watch him swim.  He’s gotten a hold on my heart and every day the bond grows. Maybe I’ll write a poem about it.







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