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Ann Chiappetta

POEM for a ChangeAngel

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© 1996 Annie Chiappetta

Fashioned by time and space
were born two champions of the human race.
Opposite in gender, one tender, one sleek
fate joined their passions, one urgent, one meek.

Assured of their Purpose, onward they rushed
One robed one armored, toward the evil to be crushed
Paladin and Saint, one sword, one cross
their path was clear, neither knowing fear or loss.

Traveling to Chaos, where Asmodeus dwellt
brimstone spires flanked the path to Hell.
Here, sinuous demons chanted with fanatic glee,
Here, souls shrieked indefinably.
Here, the Warrior crumbled, head clasped
consumed by his terror and collapsed.

Her Purpose thus was finally conveyed
by throbbing palms, her cross becoming a blade.
Merciless upon the Hordes she pounced,
lopped off heads, hither and lo they bounced.
Then, in double fists or rage,
She cornered Beelzebub, and impaled his shade
Devouring his remains as the righteous mage.

And now She journeys to her love, to her soul slleep
to recline beside Her Knight, so sweet.
true of heart and hope she Spirals toward the Gate
Her Paladin, arms open, awaits.

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