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New Dog Bllogumentary: part one

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What to bring to guide dog school

I’m making the list, checking it twice. I’ve stuffed enough underwear and socks and clothes in my suit case for ten days. I might add a bottle or two of wine and the essentials, along with my laptop and mobile devices. I didn’t want to train in the cold weather again, but, even though it is March, I should be okay. I’ve packed two pairs of boots and will hope for the best. My breathing should be okay since it most likely won’t fall below 20 or so and I have extra medication just in case. At least it’s not January, like the last time. I think I was chapped in places I thought couldn’t get chapped.


xcSo, I will be ready and not ready.

Guiding Eyes will pick me up on Sunday. It’s only a 40 minute ride from my home. I’ll settle into my room, familiar with the facility — since being on the graduate council, I’ve stayed here a few times since training the first time.


I will bring my hope for a good match; I will bring all that I have learned in the six years since being handed my first dog. Perhaps the most important part of this blog is to say what I am not bringing. I am not bringing my dog. I’ll take back her harness empty. I will cry, I will not want to leave Verona and I will doubt that I’m doing the right thing. I am told this is normal and that I will do just fine and be okay once I begin with another dog.

So, constant reader, come with me on my second dog journey and read what this successor dog thing is all about. I’m not quite sure how and why it seems to work, but I am willing to trust in my instructors, and most importantly, my new dog.


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