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The past few weeks have been a lesson in the 3 P’s: Patience, Perseverance and Practice. It all started with the frustratingly bad news that I did not pass my marriage and family therapy licensing exam for the second time. I lost a point, in fact and only got a 70 with passing scored at 75. I cried for two days, berating myself for being smart  enough to obtain a master’s degree with a 3.6 GPA but not smart enough to pass the exam.


Next, I learned that I am going into the March 2015 training class at Guiding Eyes for my second dog. Verona is retiring on Valentine’s Day next year. This is a difficult process and I hope I can bond and make it through training like I did the first time. I know I can definitely do it, I’m just thinking ahead to second dog syndrome, the what ifs, and the possibility that the match may not work out, as some inevitably do. Being part of the guide dog world, I have heard all the  horror stories and I am praying the bad luck doesn’t get me.


Finally, my mom has been in the hospital and not being able to visit her and be there physically to support Mom and my other sister, Lauri,  has been hell on me and my sister, Cheryll. We do what we can but not being able to do more than make phone calls has been a downer for me.


So, the reason for calling this post Mood Swing is attributed to these things. Add in the stress of the holidays and there you have it,  the up and downs of life.


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