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In the Moment, Sort of

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In the Moment, Sort of


Today is Sunday, what I often refer to as catch up day. I usually spend it working on the computer, doing chores, and watching some television. Now that it is football season, the TV will be on in the background so I can follow the games.


The weekend is also my personal time to write, work on my assorted novels-in-progress, and tidy up any poems I’ve been writing.


I wrote the below poem because I was inspired to investigate poetically, how I could express what being in the moment means to me. Being present is also a skill therapists work on with clients to assist them with not sliding back into the past, which leads to many poor outcomes. I also wanted to explore the sensory perceptions of being present, not just the thought of it.

Thanks for reading.




By Ann Chiappetta


Here and now, in the moment

Late summer sounds

cricket chirps in the hall

The rhythmic creak

Soon quieted by cool temperatures


Mindful echoes

Suburban activities

The hum of railways

The acrid stench of highway fumes

Broken by a sweet

Ribbon of honeysuckle or lilac

Voices, car doors, and barking dogs

Replaced by after dark stillness

By dew, new grass, skunk



Human touch

Holding hands before

Slipping off to sleep

A hug and kiss from a friend

The release of laughter or tears

During a phone call


A sense of doing, being

Awareness of the body, of blood

Breath, and purpose.





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