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Giving Up E.T.

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Giving it up

I want to begin this entry by saying that the blind and visually impaired folks who live with progressive vision loss reading this will identify with what I’m writing. It’s the folks who still have their sight who may cringe. But that’s okay, I write to find out what I think. Discovering the hidden messages in what I’m writing about helps me grow and accept the ebb and flow of life. I also write to educate others on what it’s like to be blind and witness, through the written word, the ways in which I cope with it. Don’t let that fool you, though – I’ve learned to adapt and overcome many obstacles but many still remain. If you are reading my blog entries, you can agree with that statement, for sure.  Thus, writing and expressing the daily worries and stressors keeps me on track and lets the reader grow with me. I love my readers. I read all the comments and hope what I write helps someone in turn.


Anyway, on to the actual subject.

Today I took down the CCTV. First, let me explain what the acronym stands for: closed circuit TV. It magnifies text or objects with a video camera mounted to an arm and projects the image onto a monitor above the camera. The model I have is a monster and ten years old. It practically gave me a hernia when I lifted it from the desk. I’ll feel it tomorrow, for sure.


Anyway, why did I give it up? I didn’t need it anymore and, no, not because I was suddenly healed and could see once again. The reason is because I no longer can see any printed material, so the CCTV I call E.T. (it looks like E. T. the extra terrestrial in profile). Is now on the floor and will be taken out of my home on Monday by our porter.  I thought about donating it but decided that lugging E.T. to someone’s home was just too much. I also thought about bringing  E.T. to a pawn shop but decided against it for the very same reason. The sucker must weigh 50 pounds. So, I’m going to give it away. Somehow it feels better doing this, not sure why.


The last vestiges of useable vision have gone, and so must E.T. Phone home, my friend, find your new place — as long as it’s not in my home taking up much needed space.


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