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Dog Blogumentary

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Dog Blogumentary

Hello readers, this post will be a jeneral update on our progress as a team. Bailey is a very sweet, friendly and mellow fellow. He loves to lick, nibble a bit on your hand, and rub on you when he wants to be petted. He picks up objects off the floor. Mostly odd socks and such. He does bring me the socks but not the tissues or dropped napkins. Those he tries to eat. He loves his kennel and balls. One day he brought me my 4 lb. barbell, thinking it was a retrieving toy. I laughed a lot over that one. Silly boy.

He is doing much better with clearances and his guide work is great. We have some things to work on but nothing that would prevent us from being a good team.

The critters are all getting along fairly well. The cat still tries to tease him, he tries to sniff the cat’s nether regions and Nikka defends the cat. Go figure. Nikka and Titan have become buddies. Stranger things have happened, but the cat does what the cat wants and even the dogs let him rule the roost. What is the saying? Cats rule and dogs Drool.

On another front, I’m trying to find Verona a pet therapy person who is interested in letting her go to work with them to visit hospitals, etc. If anyone reading this knows someone who is willing to do this and is already certified, reply to this post and I will follow up with you or message me on facebook: Annie Chiappetta.
Easter and Passover Blessings to all.

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