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Dog Blogumentary Part 5Dog Blogumentary Part 5

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Well, folks, I am home early without my dog. I contracted viral pneumonia and couldn’t finish out training. I knew things were bad on Saturday when I just couldn’t catch my breath and saw spots before my eyes and a deep pain near my diaphragm. Nothing helped, not even the inhalers or the prednezone prescribed by the clinic on Saturday . Monday night I was taken by ambulance to the emergency room and the xray found it, thanks to a very good radiologist. So, I packed up, said so long to my dog and cried. The nurse was very empathetic and when I grumbled about rotten luck, she said rotten luck is a broken leg, this is just a blip in what will be a unique and memorable training experience. We laughed and she hugged me and somehow I found the resolve to come home with at least half of a smile on my face. Now, though, I am once again feeling sorry for myself. It doesn’t take away from the frustration and impatience I am feeling. I just want the days to pass as quickly as possible until Bailey and I can once again walk together without so much as a gasp. I am wheezing and I’m restless and I just can’t settle down. I wonder if he is like this back at the kennel. It was going well, we were learning the dance and suddenly we were cut off from one another and it really is frustrating. This sucks and I am unhappy and hope this doesn’t drag on for any longer than a few more days.

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