Thought Wheel

Ann Chiappetta

Day Six Poem 6

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What would Freud say about

Dreaming  of ghosts in my bathroom


Sometimes I dream of two bath tubs and sinks
mirrors upon mirrors.


These dreams take place

In the loos of the past

One spirit was a girl, another a demon

The most recent was my dead grandmother who

Was scared by me

While I sat on the porcelain throne in

The downstairs bathroom of the Tompkins Avenue house


In the dream I felt insulted

I was the one who should have been scared

Her pallid face, translucent figure

Retreating as if I were the devel.


The psychology of dreams and analysis

Would they help me understand

This subconscious exploration of  lavoratories and spirits in the night?


I wake feeling tense, unable to forget

And wonder what these dreams meant.

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