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Busy Side walks, Blocked Cross Walks

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Another awe-inspiring day with Verona in White Plains New York. We went to the bank and got lunch and were crossing Main and Court streets. Verona began pulling me left, . I  felt a person pass me on the right and thought she veered for the person, but then she slowed down and stopped a few feet from the curb. I put out a hand and connected with a huge panel truck blocking the entire cross walk. We were stuck, or so I thought. I said forward and we trailed the truck, found the end, and waited for the traffic to clear, then went around it to the curb. When we got on the sidewalk, I praised her to the moon, not caring  a whit that we blocked the foot traffic while doing it.  Thank you, my sweet girl, for keeping us safe and being such a good dog.


I did try to find the driver so I could tell him how thoughtless blocking the cross walk was, not to mention getting caught meant a fat ticket by the city police but cops are never around when you need them, sigh.


On another note, I must have looked like a local freak, standing  next to the offending vehicle and shouting, “Where is the driver of this truck? Hello? Is anyone there?”

I was, undoubtedly, in a phase of side walk rage and also didn’t give two shits who saw me. I wanted to give that driver a piece of my mind but had to give up and return to work. Grrr. Thank goodness it’s Friday.




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