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A publishing Success! 📕

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I am sharing the acceptance letter with you.

If anyone reading this would like me to send the poem via email, please let me know: I cannot share it publicly until after it is published in the anthology.

I’ve been working hard improving my craft and style. In 2023 I submitted my work to ten publications and was accepted to three.


Dear Ann,


It is Oprelle Publication’s great honor to congratulate you on being chosen as the


Third Place Winner in the 

2023 “Coming Home” Poetry Contest

This contest was uniquely challenging in that the competition drew awarded and published writers as well as complete novices …where so many times, we find diamonds! Needless to say, the Coming Home competition always draws some tough contenders. Our judges really enjoyed your poem, Where the Heart Lives

Your lines like,


Human touch

Holding hands before

Slipping off to sleep

will not soon be forgotten. We really enjoyed your poem’s gentle journey in imagery and thought.


Your writing will gain excellent exposure because your poem and name will be featured in the upcoming “Coming Home” Anthology. The book will be in a 5.5 by 8.5 layout.  We are looking forward to a really beautiful paperback later this year.


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